Photos from Young Syefura Othman’s post11/8/18 …

Photos from Young Syefura Othman’s post


Bersama YB Wong Tack & YB Chin Chen di program Kemerdekaan AADK Bentong & klien.Tema bagi tahun ini adalah Malaysiaku Perangi Dadah Habis-Habisan.Hadapi masalah dadah dgn kasih sayang.Beri peluang bekas penagih untuk kembali dlm masyarakat.Bersama merdekakan Malaysia drpd dadah!















Media Statement by DAP MP for Bentong Wong Tack on 11 August…

Media Statement by DAP MP for Bentong Wong Tack on 11 August 2018:

No compromise to finding a solution to cyanide pollutionin industrial mining

On 9 August, the concerns of the villagers of Bukit Koman, Raub in Pahang were raised in the first Dewan Rakyat sitting since Pakatan Harapan wrested federal power on May 9.

The answers provided by the Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Dr Xavier Jayakumar have disappointed not only the Bukit Koman’s Ban Cyanide Action Committee but also ignited discontent among many Malaysians that have long followed the struggle of the activists, judging from the views that had been expressed on the social media.

Although the mine has since discontinued its operation, the Bukit Koman residents are still facing a cyanide contaminated gold mine with toxic residues lingering in their surroundings.
As a MP that has made environmental protection and justice as my core business, I, therefore, raised their long-standing worries and longing for a solution to make things right in the august house.

I’d also enquired if the government intend to ban the use of cyanide in the gold mining industry and if indeed the economic benefits from such commercial activities outweigh the cost of a clean environment and public health.

No doubt, the reply from the Minister was disheartening. However, as most of us are still new to the administration of the country, I would like to give the benefits of doubt to the Minister that he was not given the full picture by his officials.

Therefore, I have taken the approach to alert him (in the corridor after the session) by citing a particular misinformed fact with the intention to illustrate the importance for Ministers to verify answers provided by their respective ministries’ official.

As a government backbencher, I believe it is also my duty to work with the ministers to find solutions to our shared problems. But that does not equal to being compromised.

I welcomed the Minister’s intention, conveyed to me in private, that he would be happy to inspect the mine in Bukit Koman to gain first-hand knowledge. The Bentong and Raubparliamentary teams will certainly provide the necessary assistance for the visit should he required it.

Finally, we look forward to work together with the relevant ministries to work towards an acceptable outcome for the Bukit Koman case and the lessons learnt will be applied to ensure that the remaining three mines elsewhere in Pahang will be managed in accordance to the highest sustainability requirements.

Wong Tack


Photos from Young Syefura Othman’s post6/8/18 …

Photos from Young Syefura Othman’s post


Bersama Sdri Rosie dan Sdra Desmond melihat keadaan persekitaran kedai-kedai di GohTong Jaya. Agak mengecewakan apabila melihat keadaan sampah sarap yang tidak terurus. Pihak PBT, kontraktor pembersihan dan masyarakat harus memainkan peranan mereka dengan baik. Ketiga-tiga pihak ini juga perlu bekerjasama antara satu sama lain untuk memastikan kawasan persekitaran dalam keadaan bersih dan selesa.


【黄德盼设8人特委会 探讨稀土厂运作合法性】 来跟进莱纳斯稀土厂课题,向来活跃于环保运动的黄德表示,将要求设立一个8人特别委员会探讨稀土厂这几年的运作是否

【盼设8人特委会 探讨稀土厂运作合法性】

【黄德盼设8人特委会 探讨稀土厂运作合法性】


【黄德盼设8人特委会 探讨稀土厂运作合法性】 来跟进莱纳斯稀土厂课题,向来活跃于环保运动的黄德表示,将要求设立一个8人特别委员会探讨稀土厂这几年的运作是否

【黄德盼设8人特委会 探讨稀土厂运作合法性】来跟进莱纳斯稀土厂课题,向来活跃于环保运动的黄德表示,将要求设立一个8人特别委员会探讨稀土厂这几年的运作是否合法。

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